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El Nuevo Herald Article

I was invited by a journalist of “El Nuevo Herald”, the Spanish version of “The Miami Herald” newspaper, to an interview about enterprising women that choose to run home based businesses instead of working full time, giving up our careers to be able to stay home while raising our children. I was very surprised when I realize that the article and my picture working in Fashion Spoiled studio was featured in the very front page of the newspaper!

All women that were part of the article, there were five of us, are hard work people who’s most important interest in life is to be present in our children lives to raise them as successful individuals with values while making a living working in our passions. I am so proud of being part of these good news and very happy that a newspapers chose this great story as the main one on the cover page. Feels real good to find good news on the media, doesn’t it?

Thank Miami Herald from me and Fashion Spoiled for hear our voice and take an active part on our community!



And we are live!

Fashion Spoiled Home

Welcome to my new site! It has been a lot of work but I am very happy about how it came out. I hope you like it too :)
During this week I will be adding more products (I have a lot!!!), and I hope I will be done very soon this week.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, feel free to contact me at any time.

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